ADENSYS strives to be the highest quality after-market manufacturer for dental parts worldwide. This means delivering products that have consistently high performance and consistently long life in service.


Technical Properties

Although we fulfil all of the ISO-stipulated requirements listed above, we go above and beyond whenever possible. Specifically, this means that our cartridge products have technical properties that match or exceed the properties you would find from the original equipment manufacturer.

High Retention Force – ensures safety for patients and long spindle lifetime

Force required to extract the bur from the chuck

Low Thumb Force – makes for easy operation

Force required to open the chuck mechanism using the push button
25N – 30N

High Part Hardness – increase bearing and chuck lifetime

The hardness of all parts, including axis on which the bearings are mounted
60-65 HRC

Low Bur Runout – increases bearing lifetime and improves precision operation of handpiece

The radial deviation of a bur, from completely concentric, when turned measured 6cm from the end of the rotor‘s axis part
< 0.015mm

Low Imbalance – reduces handpiece noise and increases rotor lifetime

The amount of rotor imbalance , expressed as a mass at a certain distance from the centre of rotation
< 0.2mgmm

Traceability Through Serial Number

ADENSYS_laser_marking_2All rotor products are delivered with a unique serial number (at the front of the spindle), which allows for smoother management of guarantee claims and allows for full traceability if any quality issues arise in the market. Measured technical properties for each rotor are recorded and archived by ADENSYS.

ISO Compliance

In order to fulfil the vision spelled out in our quality philosophy, we have to ensure that we deliver the top technical characteristics for all ADENSYS products. In the case of our rotor assemblies, this means that absolutely all requirements of globally recognised standards are respected. Our rotors fulfil the requirements for the following ISO norms:

ISO 7785-1 & 7785-2
Technical Requirements for air- and motor-driven dental handpieces
ISO 1797
Specifications for the burs and mandrels that are used with dental handpieces
ISO 9687
Description of the graphical symbols to be used for dental equipment
ISO 13060
Process description for sterilisation of medical devices
ISO 14457
The norm for dental hand pieces and motors, which replaced ISO 7785 and ISO 13294