ADENSYS Aktiengesellschaft (Incorporated)

Head Office

Landstrasse 40
9495 Triesen
+423 392 6566
+423 392 6568

Registry Number:

Liechtenstein VAT-ID-Nr.
58 083

Branch Office Germany

Mitterschweg 1
87700 Memmingen
+49 8331 98 46 897
+49 8331 98 54 230

Registered office in Memmingen
Registry number: HRB 15248

DE 283 397 832

Information required under the Liechtenstein Media Act (Mediengesetz)

Senior Management Officers

Helmut Gruber
Frits Diepen

Technical Realization Website/E-Commerce

Dryad Consulting
Montreal, QC
+1 514 802 7080


The name “ADENSYS” is a registered trademark in Europe according to OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) [Nr. 013241302].

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Basic content and purpose of the website

The content and purpose of this website is to present ADENSYS Aktiengesellschaft as well as to provide information on the products offered by ADENSYS, while also offering these products for sale with the use fo the website’s e-commerce platform.